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Aelmon is a pious old man. He now works in the Temple Square healing wounded adventurers. Those who can afford it, buy his special vials. Just ask to see what he has got. He has his followers working at all the fountains.

Keywords: Aelmon, Healer.
Level: 51.
Alignment: heroic.
Flags: citizen, healer, steadfast.
Affects: detect invis, sanctuary.


Aelmon the Healer is using:
<worn around neck>  a Talisman of Crom
Aelmon the Healer is carrying:                                                       [Lv Price]
     some bandages                                                                   [ 0    15]
     a hooded brass lantern                                                          [ 0    16]
     a red passport to port 3000
     a blue passport to port 3001
     a green passport to port 5000


Aelmon. The guy who stands at Midgaard's heart healing injured newbies. He is the recall reset location both for heroes and for lowmorts over level 15. He is also portable. Lots of directions start out from him. Various shops and a bank and such are within easy walking distance of him. A bit to his west is an entrance to the Temple of AVATAR, home of the Grand Fathered lowmort-favorite statues. Midgaard's Jail is due south of him, as is The Executioner.

Aelmon will buy most trash.


Area: Midgaard (Map).
Room: Aelmon's Sanctuary (infirmary, portable, safe).

Walking route from Nom: 4s, 6e, s, 2e, s, 19e.

Walking route from Sol: 3e, s, 3e, 3s, 5e, n, 17e.

Aelmon the Healer is portable.