Bladedancer Quests

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The heart of the art of bladedancing is the Bladetrance. While the basics can be taught, deeper levels can only be attained through experience and training. Chances to improve their mastery of the bladetrance are available to bladedancers at the following levels:

Bladetrance Depth:1 & 23456 - 8
Level Available:Hero 675Hero 800Lord 100Lord 300Lord 800

A Bladedancer may report to Araxia at any time after the minimum level in order to undertake this special training. Saerba is also visited at times. You get to euanthe thru saerba.


The quest at Hero 675 is pretty easy and straight forward. Go to Araxia, she'll tell you a story. Follow the prompts, kill some orcs and lead her down into the vault. Make sure you let her finish talking every time or the quest might mess up. Bladetrance depth 2 will become available when you reach level 700.

Hero 800 takes you to battleground to kill the king cloud giant and return a sword.

The Lord 100 quest involves killing a series of increasingly large mobs solo in a room with a copy of Adrial. Veil + maelstrom is one way to do this. Hey, try stealing his diamond dagger while you're there?

The Lord 300 quest involves the bld walking alone into Malafont's room -- a mob program triggers which makes the room briefly safe, then whisks you and him away for solo combat. He talks for a LONG time -- don't start any bladedances until he's almost done talking. He's level 120; this can be a long fight (don't do it when you have 5 ticks left on spells from a SoS run). He has intervention, so don't assume you're done when he hits 0% hp the first time. It appears that if you die to him you can't try again until the area is reset. This fight is no joke..I had 28khp/15kmana and 11 on spells is BARELY enough. He will not aggie once he is done talking, so dont start any stances until you are ready to attack him. I blade trance 2, veil and surge 2 maelstrom for the first 6k mana, then dropped my bladetrance (was worried about running out of mana) and picked up inspiring dance. He marty'd back to big nasty, and it was going to be very close. I swapped to blade dance for the inspiring epiphany, and it gave me enough mana that i surged 3 once he got to my spells were falling. Survived with about 3k hp. If I could do it again i'd bring a werrboc class potion and have 15 on spells.

The Lord 800 quest involves walking into Yorimandil's room -- the room in his gazebo in the Under the Stars iron walkways (pp pet devil) works. He must be in his room. Yori's spawn mech is weird. Sometimes he spawns in arena, sometimes in in room. You may have to kill him more than once to get him to spawn in his room. If he does spawn in his room, he seems to sit there and not wander. Then the BLD must enter his room first, nexus will spawn, then have group enter the room, and then enter nexus. have BLD enter nexus last (despawns quickly after BLD enters). When vishneva did it in this method, the mprog didnt fire and had to wait for repop. Second time I had vishneva enter first, then once mprog fires i had group enter nexus and it worked good. you have about 10 seconds after bld enters before yori closes the nexus.