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<used as light> Starshard(250)
2x <worn on finger> Once-Sundered Ring(200) or Ring of Dreams(125)3 or Ring Of Water(75)
2x <worn around neck> Pitch Black Scarf(125) or The Spirit Guard(100)3
<worn on body> Mistmail(150) or Silver Chestplate(225)1
<worn on head> Golden Helmet Of Mambrino(50) or Jeweled Crown Of The Patriarchy(150)
<worn on legs> Silver Leggings(100) or Panthrodrine-Skin Leggings(40)
<worn on feet> Coarse Leather Boots(65)
<worn on hands> Pair Of Simple Gloves(100) or Watershape (hands)(100) or Elomecla's Gardening Gloves(150)4
<worn on arms> Golden Sleeves(100) or Watershape (arms)(100) or Circular Band Of Malachite(40)
<held in offhand> Shield Of Shadows(200)
<worn about body> Dark But See Through Cloak(150)
<worn about waist> Rough-Hewn Belt Of Thick, Hairy Hide(250) or Spiked Leather Belt(110) or Girth Of The Most Holy(100)
2x <worn on wrist> Green Dragonscale Vambrace(50) or Watershape (wrist)(50) or Onzilorne's Bracer(50)
<wielded> Quarterstaff, "Wanderer"(400)2, Protection of Kings5 (150)
<held> Sceptre Of Life(125)

1 Requires modification using a Demonic Lapis Lazuli
2 Two-handed, so you won't be able to wear a shield while using this
3 Shard Gear
4 Manifest Gear
5 Modified via Quest