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KDR gear grants a KDR bonus for Psionists, which functions the same as DR, and generally has t2 AC on it as well. Numbers show combined DR + KDR

<used as light> Nothing (5, -70ac)
2x <worn on finger> Pink Ice Ring (Plane Of Water)(4, -25ac), a ring of major imagery (4, -25ac)
2x <worn around neck>
<worn on body> Blue-Green Demonscale Wrap (8, -75ac)
<worn on head>
<worn on legs>
<worn on feet>
<worn on hands>
<worn on arms> Wings of Superior Elegance (5, -15ac)
<held in offhand>
<worn about body> Habiliments Of Purity (3, -30ac)
<worn about waist> Whirl Of Elusive Feathers (3, -35ac)
2x <worn on wrist>
<wielded> Pure Psi-Blade (30, ethereal), Ant Chakram (30, 10% reduced lag), Jaranon Great Sword (37, 10% negated spell failure, 10% reduced spell lag)1
<held> Sandblasted Emerald (16, -15ac)

1 Shard Area Gear