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<used as light> Guiding Light Of Ronan (-100, -50svs)1, Inferno Stone (-100) or Soulfire (White) (-90ac -180svs)2
2x <worn on finger> Jean's Ruby Ring (-50)1, Ring Of Nightmares (-50)2, Once-Sundered Ring (-40) or Elemental Earth Ring (-40)
2x <worn around neck> Ruling Glyph (-50) or The Spirit Guard (-50)2
<worn on body> Ironhand's Armor (-130)1, Silver Chestplate (-120), Carapace of Molten Rock (-120)2, Jumara scale armor (Lord) (-120)2 or Aura of Corruption (-120)3
<worn on head> Ferret's Hood (-120)1 or Jeweled Crown Of Aziz-Ra (-110)
<worn on legs> Obsidian Dragonscale Leggings (-65)2, Greaves of Desolation (-60)3, or Living Daemonstone (-50)
<worn on feet> Boots of the Onyx Bastion (-55)2, Marble Boots (-50)3 or Boots Of The Conquerer (-40)
<worn on hands> Adamantine Gauntlets (-50)2, Verdant Gloves (-30)3, Zarradyn's Gauntlets (-30) or Open Palm (-30)
<worn on arms> Diova's Sacrifice (-35)2, Ethereal Bracer (-30)3 or Black Armband (-20/-25 B32)
<held in offhand> Shield Of Lords (-125)4 or Gambit Declined (-90, 50 dmg reduc.)2
<worn about body> Golden Marionette Wire (-45)2 or Flapping Burial Robes (-43)2 or a pair of stone wings (-40), Soggy robe of wizardry (-40)2, or Twinkling stars (-40)3
<worn about waist> Girth Of Karnath (-65)2 or Blazing Balteus (-50) or Gold Belly Chain (-50)
2x <worn on wrist> Spectral Vambrace (-40)2 or Kzintium Blade Bracer (-25)
<wielded> Gray Staff (-30) or Katar Forged From Kzintium5 or Bonk's Battle Buckler (-30)
<held> DaWiz's Sceptre Of Might (-30)1 or Book Of Prophecy (-25)2 or Lodestone (-20)

1 Manifest Gear
2 Shard Area Gear
3 Transmog
4 Similar to several pieces listed here, although the Shield Of Shadows has less ac than the Shield Of Lords it has a nice saves bonus (which might be more useful than the lost ac at lord – see Armor Class Advice for Lord Tanks).
5 Although not the best AC wise (-18) some people prefer to use runed lord weapons for wields namely the Astral Longsword as it is an Ethereal weapon so it can not be disarmed or the Ethereal Blade which has saves but despite the name is not an Ethereal weapon.