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<used as light> a sphere of burning souls
2x <worn on finger> Signet Of The Oblivious Defender
2x <worn around neck> amulet with a small silver sword enscribed on it
<worn on body> The plate of the oblivious defender (+6dr -75ac), Reptilian Battle Armor (-75ac)
<worn on head> Silver Helm
<worn on legs> Silver Leggings (Gith Commander)(-35), sultan's Greaves(-35)
<worn on feet> Black Soft Leather Boots(-18)
<worn on hands> Gauntlets of Protection(-10)
<worn on arms> Armband Of The Unseen
<held in offhand> Obsidian Shield (-35ac -50svs), Great Shield Tyranny(-50ac)
<worn about body> Radiance Of Wickedness (-25ac), Monastic Robes (-20ac -20svs)
<worn about waist> ? or Planar Belt(-20)
2x <worn on wrist> any color Dragonscale Vambrace or Onzilorne's Bracer
<held> Exaltra's Mirror

Look through the "articles in..." section below for lower tier items for various slots.