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Quest Quick-Links Table
Quests: 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 Hero

Level Quest Area Reward Type Reward Notes
31 Kezrah Quest Crescent Bog Healie Silver Elixir Potion casts 2x Cure Critical
Be able to cross water.
34-38 Midgaard Patrol Quest Midgaard Insignia, XP Honorary Townguard of Midgaard
Badge Of Midgaard
1500 XP
Badge Of Mervue required to start.
Must be completed by level 38.
36 Baton Of Command Quest Defender's Graveyard Miscellany Baton Of Command Staff casts Awe.
36 Fused Wand Quest Shadow Forest Healie Fused Wand Wand has 3 charges of Heal
37 Ogre Magikian Quest Barrier Wastes Spellbook Small Flesh-Bound Book For wizards, gives 10% to Demonic Advice.
39 to Hero Arcana Excelsis Initiate Arcana Excelsis Insig Arcana Excelsis Initiate +3% mana regen till hero 250
40 Longbow Christened 'True Sight' Quest Shadow Forest Weapon Longbow Christened 'True Sight' A good longbow for high lowmort.
40 Seven-League Boots Quest Caves Of Ancient Evil Armor Seven-League Boots Hugely popular hitgear for lowmorts and lowheroes alike, because of its 777 moves.
40 Starmetal Anklet Quest Defender's Graveyard Armor Starmetal Anklet Mana gear for feet.
40 Sword Of Bloodied Snow Quest Frozen Court Weapon Sword Of Bloodied Snow 6/6 HR/DR. Weighs 50lbs so a good smasher.