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Skills & Spells Quick-Links Table
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Monk Hero Skills & Spells Chart

Sub: List of Skills & Spells Available to Practice at This Sublevel...
  1: appoint            body brace         butcher            haggle             pick lock
     share strength     steal
  3: faerie fire
  5: cause light        detect evil        magic lore         magic light        parry
     second attack*     shadow form        word of recall*
  7: curse              detect magic       fence              forage*            identify
     magic missile
  9: anticipate         armor*             quicken            read magic         sneak attack
     spell recovery
 11: blindness          chill touch        cure light*        infravision        locate object
     poison             psychic drain
 13: arcane knowledge   biofeedback        chameleon power*   fly                giant strength
     nightvision        shield block       weaken
 15: detect alignment*  faerie fog         invis              peek               plague
 17: bash               detect poison      fear               levitation
 19: adrenaline pump    bashdoor           bless*             dart               disarm
     dispel evil*       dual*              enhanced damage*   track
 21: cause serious      cure blindness*    detect hidden      enhanced strength  scry
 23: cure poison*       detect invis       mental barrier     shocking grasp
 25: cure disease*      displacement       energy drain       know alignment*    shield
 27: burning hands      cell adjustment*   charm person       cure serious*      earthbind
     psisting*          sleep
 29: dark embrace       dispel magic       flamestrike*       holy armor*        mass invis
 31: energy shield      remove curse*
 33: astral             deception*         stone skin
 35: acumen*            aura sight         blast bolt         fireball           pass door
     protection good*   protection evil*
 37: call lightning     cause critical     danger scan        web
 39: ego whip           mass bless*        mass cure serious* teleport           third attack*
     turn undead*
 41: frenzy
 43: cure critical*     mindlash           water breathing
 45: sanctuary*
 47: enchant armor      enchant weapon     lightning bolt     summon
 49: move hidden*       surge
 51: detonate           mask               mass aid*
 53: arrow dodge*       domination         enchant bow        harm*
 55: mass cure critical*
 57: awe                control weather
 59: acid blast         brainstorm         holy aura*         portal             turn demon*
 61: heal*
 63: aura focus         chain lightning    transfer life*
 67: calcify flesh      torch*
 69: calm*              fortitudes         lead pack          seal*
 71: icestrike          mass heal*
 73: ectoplasmic form*
 75: cyclone            psionic blast
 79: earthquake         foci               nexus              sandstorm
 83: magma blast        weapon rush*
 87: augment*           firestorm
 89: ice lance          iron skin
 91: desiccate          ultrablast
 97: awen*
101: bear stance*       counterkick        create food        create spring*     create water
     fast healing ii    groundfighting     improved stamina   lead flock         mass rejuvenate
     meditation ii      panther technique  tutor other
150: catch weapon       dagger hand
200: countertrip       stone fist
300: counterdisarm
400: counterpush
500: countertoss       eulogy
   * Hero skills & spells that Monks may learn but Shadowfists may not.

See also Monk Lowmort Skills & Spells, Shadowfist Hero Skills & Spells.

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