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The miserable existence of the orphans of Solace prompted the Solacians to action, and the result was the Orphanage off Harvest Road. What they wanted was a place to care for the orphans, nourish them, clothe them and keep them safe from undesirable elements. What they got was not at all what they expected.

Level Range: 4-8

Builder: Jaron


Walking route from Sol: 3e, 2s, e.

Portaling point(s) suggested: Tulip.




The orphanage is just north of Solace and south of Sol. The majority of mobs will respond to 'orphan', and they will assist and flee, so be careful fighting in rooms with large swarms. Some will also steal gold, so don't go wandering around with a huge chunk of change in your pocket.

There are plenty of orphans of equal difficulty that wander through the complex, so the highlights are:

3e3n from the entrance is Cook (gray skinned goblin on scan) which aggies and wields a knife. East of him is One-eye, who has the scarlet silk sash (+con gear for waist, usually wearable by level 4). One-eye is also the start and end of a short quest which produces a cure serious potion (Herbal Tea) as a reward. Down from the cook is a small passage; at the end lies a bit of history - you'll see the last of the wargs (also where you might have ended up by tele'ing to warg).

3es from the entrance is a Solace townguard - he's a bit easier than the ones in the town (still tougher than the rest of the mobs), but wears the same black platemail - decent gear if you don't have target armor (a grandfathered item) or glowing suit of banded mail. South from him is the inspector and the master of the orphanage - the master is sanced and not really worth fighting.

Going through the closed doors, either 5e or 3e2n2e will take you into the "real" orphanage. Watch for Hamish ("taller, meaner orphan" on scan) as he'll aggy.

Inside the real orphanage, there are two mobs that wander with keys to locked areas. The orphan basher has the key to Bones' room (which is in the southeast corner of the orphanage) - Bones' himself has a potion of refresh + cure light - and the caretaker has the key to the store room (en of "Bottom of the Staircase" room). The store room has another chest which I couldn't find the key to, but apparently it contains held int gear same as the orb of knowledge. ** The chest is not locked**

2e from "bottom of the staircase" takes you to an intersection, south of which is Doctor Leech. He's got bloodstained trousers - good wis gear for legs, and normally wearable by level 4. North and up from the intersection is Matron Fey, who you won't want to fight, but her journal might provide some hints as to how to finish the mini quest. Through a closed door, east will take you to Tulip, who has +str gear for arms (not as good as the strongman's bracers, but decent for those without them.). Farther east and south will land you in Molin's (it's a one-way exit.)


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