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Pantheon spells are spells which represent the pinnacle of achievement by
the clerics of the various deities.  While these spells can be cast
by any cleric, their efficacy will depend on how close the caster's god's
aspects align with those of the god for which the spell was originally

Pantheon spells are mutually exclusive on a per caster basis. Any individual
cleric can only maintain one of them at any given time.

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Deity Spell Level Effect
Bhyss Grim Harvest Hero 375 Increase spell damage
Durr Artificer Blessing Hero 550 Shortens fletch/repair/sharpen/restring lag, limited spiritlink, increases perfect gem find chance, improves healing of Racial Constructs (eg Golems, Ignaturs).
Gorn Protective Vigil Lord 50 Reduces (by a fixed number) all damage received.
Kra Divine Adjutant Lord 100 Boosts active leadership skill, lowers cleric's rescue lag.
Quixoltan Hallowed Nimbus Hero 150 Fire resistance and aids breath. Reduces impact of resistances on lord planes.
Roixa Sylvan Benediction Hero 300 Protection earth magic, reduces cleric's track lag. Prevents resistances from building on lord planes.
Shizaga Discordia Hero 725 Improves SvS, modifies area spells with random amount of random damage types, modifies single target damage spells by -50% ("Gah, bitter stench of discord.") to +50% ("Ah, the sweet smell of discord.") or more. Crazy spell. Allows for a cleric and other character to shift simultaneously at lord.
Tor Unholy Rampage Hero 250 Increase melee damage
Tul-Sith Divine Grace Lord 1 Boosts healing, works better if group very hurt.
Werredan Glorious Conquest Hero 100 Increase xp gains

The associated deity is considered to be the one which the spell works best for. Other deities with complimentary natures may also produce useful effects from these spells, while those whose nature is in opposition give very poor results from use of these spells. Exact information is somewhat scarce currently, but see the Worship table for some comparisons, or the individual spell entry for more detailed information.

Race also seems to play a part with these spells with some races gaining a bonus in one or more of these spells. Again exact information is somewhat scarce currently.

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