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Long ago, in the city of Keresh, there existed an order of clerics known as Paeans, endowed with incredible healing powers. Recently, the order has resurfaced, restructured around Tul-Sith, and simply calling themselves 'Priests.'

Priests learn some very powerful healing and curative spells, but are dedicated to their paths of peace and honesty, and so never learn attack spells, or most warrior or rogue skills. They are less item-oriented than Clerics, and so do not learn many item-oriented abilities, or learn them later.

Their Prime statistic is Wisdom. Priest trainers will not teach the Holy Disciplines to anyone who is not worshipping Tul-Sith, and Priests must maintain a high alignment for these spells to work their best.

Abbreviation: Prs.

Prime Requisite: Wisdom.

Priests in General

Priests attain extremely powerful healing spells, with very few offensive spells, even those only target the demonic or undead. They work well with those of high alignment and shun all who hold evil tendencies.

Priests forgo learning the Awen macro and instead learn Aegis, allowing the casting of Sanctuary and Frenzy to be separated - and in turn they can fully spell up other players regardless of their alignment.

Priests receive relatively little HP but a high mana, making their gains similar to other "specialist" classes like Sorcerers or Wizards. This is more noticeable (and relevant) at Lord tier where they can sustain and keep alive large parties with relative ease due to very high mana pools.

Priest Creation

A Priest may be created only through the Remort command with a lord character with the Cleric, Druid, or Monk class. To become a human priest, the required levels are 100, 150, and 150 respectively where as to keep one's current race, the required Lord Sublevels become 200, 300, and 300 respectively.

Most people become priests through the cleric route. Races which make good spellcasters will also make good priests, in particular, drow, elf, centaur. Good remort races are tua, hie, spr.

It is now possible to become a priest using the Rebirth command if the player is already a remort class and has attained Hero 501 or higher, regardless of what the remort class may be.

Priests at Lowmort Tier

Keep in mind that if you learn Via Pax you cannot initiate combat. So most people put off learning it till hero or lord. Otherwise, offensive capabilities at lowmort tier are very limited (the single offensive spell is Dispel Evil which works only on evil creatures and does low damage), so getting to hero might take a while.


A Priest's prime statistic is Wisdom, and should be trained upon creation. This should be followed up by maxing out one's Intelligence, which will allow for higher mana gains as you progress through levels.


See: Paean. Most of the Priest class definers will require Via Pax, but it is suggested that you do not practice them at Lowmort tier. Other spells and skills are practicable without issues.


Priest trainers will not teach the Holy Disciplines to anyone who is not worshipping Tul-Sith, and Priests must maintain a high alignment for these spells to work their best.

If you plan to heal mostly, then Tul-Sith or Kra are good choices. Priests planning to tank mostly may look at other choices as well like Quixoltan, Kra and Shizaga for good gains.



Soloing is only possible for any priest who has adepted the Via Pax ability if they: a) choose areas with aggressive npcs, and b) have a freshly-charged shield and one of the class-defining offensive spells (white fire or white light - both effective only against undead or demonic enemies).


See above. The rescue skill is only available at Lord, and is not in-class, so this role is generally not practical for priests.


Priests hit poorly. Like sorcerers and wizards, they should be doing other things.


This is where priests shine, naturally. Whether healing self or party members, this is their preferable role.

Priest Prestige Options


Preists at Hero Tier

The main decision you need to make is whether to practice Via Pax or not. If you plan to tank, it's almost certainly better to defer practicing it till lord. If you plan to solo or heal, you can practice it at hero (or earlier). Keep in mind that you need to worship Tul-Sith to practice your priest class-definers.


Same as Lowmort.


At Hero 101 priests finally get the ability to solo - if this interests you, you can choose to get Via Pax here, together with the White Light and other spells.


Unless you are worshiping Quixoltan or Tul-Sith, devoting will not bring significant bonuses, and will make later deity switching more costly.



You can solo using the White Light spell in certain undead areas. Keep in mind that White Light does damage comparable to Acid Rain but priests can not surge until lord. Also, it has a very high lag - nominally 10 seconds. If you prefer to solo your way to Lord then consider switching worship to Quixoltan or Shizaga after you practice this.

Some of the viable areas for solo are:

  • Necromancer's Tower - cooling corpse rooms (3 rooms) as well as hallways can contain multiple mobs - this is easiest option.
  • Ruined Lairs - all undead mobs, relatively good AC is advised, but more xp than Necromancer's Tower.
  • Shadow Keep - rotting corpses as well as some other mobs, but they flee.
  • Graves of Reveria - some of the mobs are undead, keep in mind area is very aggie with non-dead mobs as well and much more difficult.
  • Sun God Altar - the undead corrals are similar (maybe tougher) to Ruined Lairs, but you will need to self-spell on Eragora. Not advised until superhero.


Without Via Pax tanking is same to any other class, minus rescue. Bring a large rescuer to grab groupies.


Priests do not hit, their melee damage is very bad.


Healing comes naturally to priests, and is their preferable role.

Priests at Lord Tier

Priests are very powerful and useful at lord. Once they reach level 25 and learn the mantra skill, they can preach any single target spell to the whole group. They get various powerful healing and utility spells which make them a good addition to almost any lord group. Also they get much more mana than clerics/druids and can thus heal much longer and effectively. Keep in mind that healing effectiveness is halved for evil characters.

Useful utility spells (which are learnable at lower tiers, but are much more useful at lord) are clarify, innocence and intervention.

Priest Remort Options

Priests can remort race only. Good remort races are Tuataurs, High Elves and Sprites. Note that the low hp for sprites is not a big problem for priests, since it is usually taken care of by the intervention spell.


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