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The remort process is how some of AVATAR's experimental or powerful races and classes are accessed. The user will be reset to a level 2 character of the new race, and their current class, or a level 2 character of the new class, and either human or their old race, depending on how high level they were when they remorted. The purpose of this is to give people a chance to try something different.

See also Remort, Remort Classes.

Remort Race:        Available to  ...  at Lord Sublevel:*
Goblins             Kobolds                           10
Sprites             all but Kobolds                   25 
Trolls              all but Kobolds                   25
Miraars             all but Kobolds                   25
Dragons             Firedrakes, Draconians, Tuataurs,
                    Troglodytes & Lizardmen           25 
Griffons            all but Kobolds                  100
Minotaurs           all but Kobolds                  100
Demonseeds          all but Kobolds                  100
Giths               all but Kobolds                   25
Driders             Drow                               ?
High Elves          Drow & Elves                      25
Hobgoblins          Goblins                           25
Tuataurs            Lizardmen & Troglodytes           25
Golems              Gargoyles                         25
Ignatur             Dwarf & Duergar                   25
*is 100 sublevels more for characters of remort classes.

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