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Solace is the smallest of our Realm's 4 major cities: Midgaard, Solace, Cathracharraig and Mervue. It is just outside of Nom's Meadow, and enjoys a thriving trade in supplying young adventurers with weapons, supplies and equipment. A trustworthy money changer used to be found at the end of the market to keep gold safe until Kir'tal opened up his bank within Stonehall.

Level Range: 5-18

Builder: Strahd


Walking route from Nom: n, 8w, 2s.

Walking route from Sol: 3e, 2s.

Walking route from Aelmon: 17w, s, 5w, 3n, 3w, s.

Portaling point(s) suggested: Otik Sandath.


Solace's most often used connection is from the White Stone Road (entering into the north end of the town), but also has useful connections to the Airways (reached from the Intersection of the Main Road in the centre of town, providing quick routes to the other main cities and the Wildwood for those who can fly) and Crystalmir Lake (from the south end of town).

There also exists several ways into and out of the Orphanage (the most easily accessible being east opposite the Inn of the Last Home), and the entrance to the Catacombs of Solace (found under the Inn of the Last Home).


There are perhaps three distinct areas of Solace.

  • The Inn of the Last Home (found just west of the northern entrance to the town) contains a few rooms downstairs, and rather a lot more upstairs. Upstairs has a crowded Common Room, big enough to have two end, a long curving hallway and three guest rooms, at least two of which are usually occupied.
  • The Townguard Administration Building is a large sprawling complex and is found east off the main road, opposite the Marketplace. Most of the rooms here are empty and rather dull hallways of no interest. A few offices and meeting rooms contain mobs though, which may be of interest - chief amongst them being the Town Clerk, the Foreign Trade Representative, the Sergeant, the Lieutenant and the Captain (who is the easiest to reach just north when you enter the building, and also the start of the Solace Patrol quest).
  • The rest of the town includes the Marketplace, west of the main road opposite the road the Townguard Administration Building and is home to no less than 8 separate shopkeepers, each specializing in different goods. The south end of town can be described as a figure 8 on its side, East and West Gullen Way branching off from the Intersection at Main Road, becoming Ketra Road and Harvest Road respectively as they turn south, and then both become Small Alleys as they return to the south gate, and the Main Road leading north. Four more shopkeepers can be found on this circuit, including one which sells pets. In addition, you can also find a gambling den, a ghostly restaurant and a number of houses.


The town of Solace has guards, but no established law. Guards will gang up on you while fighting in town. The guards usually carry enchanted pikes, hammers, or longswords, and always black platemail. It should be noted that the guards found in the two towers at the corners of the small alleyways and Harvest and Ketra roads are aggressive. Citizens and old ladies are fairly good XP for their level, but are often assisted by the guards if there are any around. As in most Midgaardian cities, the first mobs you will encounter are steadfast beggars (though these seem to load only rarely in Solace). These are good for fixing alignment, as most White Stone Road mobs are heroic and lower it. Solace mobs themselves are generally of high alignment, and so can make respelling with frenzy or full awen irritating if too many kills occur in a row. Alternately, you can always kill kobolds to raise alignment.

In the Inn of the Last Home, there are lots of adventurers bunched together nice and close, which works well until they begin to assist on you at a certain level - in which case you had better be well spelled. Magnus and Lord Doom (also in the Inn) are tougher than they look - especially Lord Doom, who wears invis EQ and wields - though both have some useful equipment.

Also often sought after is a tired adventurer wearing Chamorro Ringmail. He is usually found in West Gullen Way, NOT the Inn where a lot of similar adventurers hang out.

The Administration Building is generally not worth visiting, unless you are hunting for specific mobs for either equipment, gold or quests. However, if you visit the gambler ghost in the south of the town and give him 100 gold, he will play a dice game with you, and you may double your money - or just lose it.


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