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Once, a long time ago, this stretch of forest in the southern reaches of what is now called Wildwood was the pride of Mid-gaardia - for those who relish in the growth and bloom of things at least, or in the hunting of them. But alas, here the violent and endless battles that left half the continent disfigured with scars to deep to heal raged without mercy to creatures and nature. Only few rumours have found their distorted way into the bars and to the dinner tables of the cities of Midgaardia though. The stories that made it spoke of an abundance of evil creatures, of destruction and mayhem that suggested that there was no forest left standing. Yet descriptions of what might have replaced it seem so contradictory, that it can only be attributed to the chinese whispering from mono-syllable ranger to meditating druid, from proud centaur to scared traveller, from bored gate guard to drunken bartender.

Level Range: 51-51

Builder: Pulse

This area was added in 2005 Dec.


Walking route from Aelmon: 16e, [e], 2e, n, 2e, 3s, w, 2s, e, 2s, w, 2s, 2e, n, e, d, 2e.

Walking route from white druid: 2n, e, u, 2e, n, e, d, 2e.

Walking route from stone trickster: e.

Portaling point(s) suggested: swirl leaves .



A note on the map: apparently the room "gaping hole in a tortured reality" with the mob "eye of the storm" has exits which change their destination on every repop. I'm not sure if other rooms also do this, but obviously something to watch out for when leaving that room. I suspect even if they change they will be rooms nearby, as on the map.

There are five logical sections (named for a notable room in it) to the area:

  • The splintered forest to the northeast is largely uncursed, and is satisfyingly swarmy for area casters.
  • Along the fringe of a swirling vortex along the south edge of the area is filled with ghosts and a corpse animator (the only sanced mob there -- only animates mob corpses). The safe room at the scarred ent is adjacent. There are a few private rooms up from the safe room. The room just north of the ent is private and uncursed, though you cannot set recall here.
  • Beneath a bulging slab is southwestish from the entrance, past a one-way down exit. You can go back up from the pitch-black shadow mob (it's aggie and sanced). It is filled with tentacles and shadow beasts and wolves, and is also satisfyingly swarmy. There are a few private rooms down from here, with the Seething Core Of Tentacles.
  • The ice tree lies past locked passproof doors and requires bashdoor to navigate (ed: eat it, wizards! ;) ). It is filled with rooms with random exits, but is seminavigable if you learn to recognize the sentinel mobs. It is filled with multiple types of mobs, most notably drifting ice breathing mobs, so be sure to cast mystical barrier if possible. Because a repop means that all the bashed doors close and lock, be sure to have an escape plan!
  • In ice tree, from the room with the mob "Slowly swinging branches" (on scan: "Swinging from side to side the thick branches block further progress") bashdoor east to get to the un-cursed room in the area. Watch out for the Gigantic Ice Spider (82) which can backstab for over 3k hp.
  • On cracked ground is a tiny 4-room section that connects the uncursed forest section to the southern fringe. It is filled with 2 types of rock wyrms. One type eats mob corpses and the other type eats PC corpses. The Seasoned Ranger is in the easternmost room.


If you plan on coming here, make frequent use of the heavily scarred ent to keep your hps up, as things can get nasty quickly and the swarmy nature of this cursed area makes a CR difficult. Also, try to bring a caster as their area spells are incredibly useful in this area.

This is a huge hero area with lots of aggie and dangerous (mimic/eater/animator/scrambler/stomper) mobs. It can also get VERY swarmy so a bit of hp is necessary to survive here. The same factors also make it a fun place to run as well as very good xp.

To get to this area, usually pp Stone Trickster, e, 2s, pull bloom, s. From there, you can go either west (leading to Beneath A Bulging Slab) or east (leading to the other 3 areas). Most of the mobs here don't have armor, but some of the rangers do. All mobs are biggish.

Notable mobs are:


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