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Companions are non-player characters who can assist you in your adventures - be it with a quick spell of protection or healing, or a properly timed rescue. They will travel with you and help you fight monsters and overcome obstacles, for a price.

Where to Hire

You can hire companions in an Adventurer's Guild.

Adventurer guilds have been established in the four major cities of Midgaardia. The lowest level guild is available to players of levels 11-20, and is located in the town of Solace, off East Gullen Way. It is fairly easy to find.


The lowest level companions (level 11) can be hired for a bargain 605 gold, soaring to 20250 gold for a powerful, level 45 companion.

Companions will serve you continuously until they either die, or are freed from service. You can see the current health of your companions by typing GROUP, so that you can see when they need to flee combat or regen before fighting.

If you quit the game, your companions are not lost - as long as they are in the same room as you when you quit. They will reappear alongside you when you log back in. Also, when you go to Sanctum, they will accompany you.

To release them from service, use the FREE command. Typing free <petmobtype> or <petname> will dismiss them from your service. They will return to the pet store or adventurer's guild where they were bought, but they will no longer be owned by you.

Naming Companions

You may name your companions as you buy them by typing "buy <companion> <nickname>".

This is especially useful with simililar companions, as you can give them different nicknames. No one will see a visible name change, but you can then order them by the nickname you choose.

Do NOT name your pets after common healer mobs, such as Nom or Aelmon, as it causes portal/teleportation misdirections.


Your companions automatically follow and group with you after you pay for their services.

The number of companions you can have is influenced by your current intelligence. Due to their skill in persuasion and ancient influences in this Realm, mages can have one extra pet and/or companion accompanying them on their adventures. To hire a particular companion, you must be its level or higher.


To direct their actions, use the ORDER command:

Syntax: order <character> command
Syntax: order all command
ORDER orders one or all of your charmed followers (including pets or companions)
to perform any command. The command may have arguments.
In the case of companions, only commands specifically usuable by that
companion will succeed.

You can find a short list of useful commands by typing HELP HELPCARD, or a very long list by typing COMMANDS. Most of the GROUP and COMBAT commands listed on the helpcard will work with companions.

Companions are not aggressive. You are responsible for the actions of your followers.

Note: They will not follow you through a portal or nexus unless ordered (the most inexperienced companions lack the ability to enter them).

Not Following Commands

If your companion is not obeying any commands, the most likely issue is that it cannot see you. Please check whether you are visible (ie. not hidden/sneaking/invis) and whether or not the companion has equipped a light (via the EQUIP command) to see you in the dark.

Aliased Commands

You may find it easier to make in-game aliases for common orders.

For example, rather than typing ORDER RIKAR KILL <monster>, you could type:

ALIAS KK ORDER RIKAR KILL %1 -- ALIAS (alias name) (commands)

And then from then on, to get Rikar to start a fight, you would merely need to type:

KK <monster name>

To erase the alias, simply type ALIAS <alias name> or in this case ALIAS KK.

Aliases are stored separately, per character. For more details, please read ALIASES.


At the moment, it is NOT recommended that you bring companions along on quests where insignia tracking is used (such as Solace Patrol Quest). If the companion gets the final hit, you will not receive credit. We hope to allow this in later versions, however.

Also, companions will, by design, not get far into Diplomatic Corps.


In the old days, grouping a pet or charmed monster would sometimes cause you to lose experience, if the grouped pet/monster got the kill. This is no longer the case, and all party members get a share of the experience from all kills, whether killed by a player, charmed monster, pet or companion.


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