Great Summoning Quest

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While the purpose of this grand meeting of dragons - one that has been taking place on the top of Dragon's Peak - is incomprehensible to mortals, many adventurers made an effort to climb the mountain and view the collective magnificence of the greatest of dragons, sitting perched on huge shafts of stone and basking in their glory and awesomeness. For over a decade.

Eventually, some of these adventurers have begun wondering, are these dragons actually doing anything, or simply killing time? Later in taverns gossip can be heard; "Perhaps they are waiting on something, or what if they are stuck in their ritual and need help?"

Bards of dubious quality began writing rhyme-less prose;

   "Oh, What rewards would the great dragons award?
      To the mortal who assists them?
    Surely riches beyond count?
      Or life eternal?"

Even some Lords that occasionally pass over the Peak have been heard commenting, "Why, I never heard of a threnody lag so long", and dismissed the dragons' ritual as something utterly amiss.

On the other hand, more reasonable village folk living around Icewolf, in the foothills of Dragon's Peak, strongly advise staying well clear, of both the dragons and their purpose.

This quest is open to all heroes. Once completed, it awards the Smoldering Embers of White insignia.

Heroes may wish to complete this quest before they reach the superhero status as the award will be somewhat (but not significantly) higher.

Note: This quest, while originally indicated for soloing, is not easy for most heroes to solo. It will require visits to multiple mobs, some of which eat corpses, stomp or are in rooms with 4-6 mobs. It will also require a trip to Eragora.

This quest cannot be completed by Viziers because one portion requires wielding a particular weapon. But it seems you could do it between hero 1-101 as a cleric, and then prestige (testing is required).