Lesser Imps

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Lesser Imp Statistics Tables
Lowmort-Tier Lesser Imp Statistics by Class
bzk, bod, pal,
asn, mag, mnd,
psi, sor, wzd
cle, dru, prs
arc, bci, fus,
mon, rog, shf
Str 11–18 (21) 10–15 (18) 10–15 (18) 10–15 (18) 10–15 (18)
Int 10–15 (18) 11–18 (21) 10–15 (18) 10–15 (18) 10–15 (18)
Wis 10–15 (18) 10–15 (18) 11–18 (21) 10–15 (18) 10–15 (18)
Dex 13–18 (21) 13–18 (21) 13–18 (21) 14–21 (24) 13–18 (21)
Con 10–15 (18) 10–15 (18) 10–15 (18) 10–15 (18) 11–18 (21)
NOTES: numbers in each cell above are initial trained value – maximum trainable value (maximum allowable value for non-devotees); class prime requisites are green.

Despised by mortals and Gods alike, the imps are a diminutive and cowardly race. They are typically found living on the fringes of human civilization, co-existing with the kobolds they are sometimes mistaken for. Their lack of wit and intelligence is matched only by their feeble strength and poor health. They are viewed at best as pests by the other races, and CURSED by the Gods. They are easily frightened, even by direct sunlight!

Rumors exist that some imps have found a way to evolve to a higher form, but the secrets of this process have been suppressed by the Gods. The Oracle in the Land of the Fire Newts may have some more information on this.

  • Abbreviation: LsI.
  • Well-Suited to Be: ?
  • Ill-Suited to Be: ?


LsI have a negative melee damage mod, about a 70% casting fail rate, +55% spell cost, and very low hp and mana gains.

As imps, like all evolutionary races, suffer from reduced experience gains the further past their next evolution level no hero stats are recorded.

On reaching Level 25 and after completing a Quest Lesser Imps can evolve into Minor Imps

For more general comments about this evolutionary race check Imps.