Sharpen Weapon

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By sharpening your weapon, you increase the minimum damage that it does, thus increasing the overall average damage. The more you sharpen a weapon, the less your minimum damage will go up. There are also many things that can happen to your weapon while you are sharpening it. If you get lucky, one of your sharpening attempts may increase the maximum damage on your weapon as well as the minimum damage. If you try to sharpen it too much, the weapon may shatter and be lost in a scattering of metal shards. If you slip errantly with your whetstone, you may end up dulling your weapon and setting its minimum damage back to the original number. Dulling may also remove enchants that have been placed upon the weapon prior to it being sharpened. You can get a decent idea of a weapon's condition by examining or identifying it, which will allow you to determine how many times you could realistically sharpen a weapon before reaching its peak sharpness. You will, of course, need a whetstone to sharpen your weapon with.

Prerequisite(s): Weapon Lore.

Syntax: sharpen <weapon>.


  • Regular sharpen:
    • You smile as you feel the increased sharpness of <object>!
  • Brill:
    • Your hands tingle as a brilliant green light bursts from <object>!
  • Dull:
    • You sigh as you realize you have slipped and dulled <object>!
  • Dull prevented by Durr:
    • You almost dull the <object>, but Durr steadies your hand!
  • No change:
    • Despite your efforts, nothing happens to <object>
  • Time to stop:
    • The weapon is now as sharp as it is going to get!