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I joined Avatar sometime around 1999, and Shalineth, a Centaur Mage, was my first character. Needless to say, I learned a lot about doing my own corpse retrievals. I eventually created a second character, Kenji, and a few years later, joined the host as an Angel. I angeled for over three years and eventually lorded Shalineth, who for a time, was the only lord Centaur Mage. In 2005, I became a full time police officer, and my wife and I had our first child. With new demands on my time, I eventually cut back on my Avatar time (cut back to zero!), and stepped down as an Angel.

With a bit more free time, I came back to AVATAR in the summer of 2008, and rejoined the host in October of 2008, again as Kenji. Recently, I hung up the wings again, and accepted another staff position.


I have been involved in several different projects, tracks and groups during my time on AVATAR:

  • Angelic Host
  • Web track/staff
  • Gazette editor-in-chief
  • Legend testing and implementation
  • Lord Council committee
  • Builder contest - Pyrrus Island
  • Lately, I'm working on re-writing my scripts into CMud, having ditched PortalGT, my old client.

Avatar Alts

I have more alts than I can count, many that I have forgotten about, and a few that I regularly run and enjoy.

Name Race Class Tier Notes
Shalineth Centaur Mage Lord A mana-flinger who hits hard for a mage.
Kenji Kzinti Rogue Hero Retired ArchAngel
Kenjin Kzinti Monk Superhero  
Darkstalker Lizardman Ranger Hero Last of a dead class.
Aegir Giant Warrior Hero Me smash little things.
Rakurin Dragon Warrior Hero  
Celuril Deep Gnome Cleric Hero  
Mindstrike Deep Gnome Psionicist Hero Steel/Iron spellbot (Sanc DW)
Antiopeia Elf Archer Hero The lone female character I play.
Athalos Demonseed Sorcerer Hero Dsd Sor - very twinky!

Wiki Contributions

Lately, I've been having a blast re-creating all my old scripts from Portal GT to CMud. If anyone has any feedback on my CMud scripts, please let me know!
CMud Auto Rescue - Basic Auto Rescue trigger.
CMud WikiSearch - Wiki search from a drop down menu.
CMud Group Breakdown - The regular spammy group breakdown counter.
CMud ZAffects - Copies spell affects to a status window. Use with the prompt.
CMud Prompt - Copies prompt details (hp, mana, lag) to a status window, just to the right of affects.
CMud Ammocheck - Keeps a counter of hero-level archer ammo, and shows it in a small window to the side.
CMud Damage Counter - Tracks and reports damage done and taken by groupies and yourself. Thanks to the writer of the original ZMud script for the ideas.
CMud Spellbot - A simple spellbot script with full/split awen & macros, and a manual "banned list."
CMud Charge Shield - A script to charge a shield automatically, with a basic report of results at the end.
CMud Archer Triggers - Scripts to automate some of the tedious tasks of the Archer class.
And here is a guide to the commands for all my scripts.

Contact Info

Feel free to contact by editing my discussion page above, or on board 2 to Kenji or Shalineth.

Misc Stuff

A link to my To Do list.
A great link to help with wiki formatting and editing.
Here is another website with wiki formatting help.