Solace Patrol Quest

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The Captain of the Guard is looking for confident adventurers who would be willing to help out with patrol work. If you are interested, please bring the 'help wanted' note in the Townguard Administration Building to the Captain of the Guard.

You will spend your time working on shift with Timoll, one of the town's guardsmen. You will be expected to help out with any enemies who try to ambush the patrol. Not that there will be any. It's a peaceful town.

Corpse Insurance: No.
Overtime Pay: No.
Lunch provided: No, bring coins for the bakery stop.
Requirements: Level 10-20. (22 to finish)

Players who complete the quest and then lose their badge prior to starting the Mervue quest can ask for a new badge by visiting the Captain of the Guard in Solace.

This is the first quest in a series. It's fun and well worth experiencing - and it unlocks the rest of the quests! Do it, or miss out!

Start Location: Solace

Reward: Wealth, Experience, and a token (for the next quest in the series, created by Scevine, and accessible in Mervue between levels 25 and 30).