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Years of herding catoblepas have hardened Akrikto, who spends most of his time chasing trespassers off his property. The rest of his time is spent keeping the catoblepas from escaping -- a failure, to say the least. Yet even this simple farmer harbors a dark secret. Every day he is reminded of the mistakes of his past.

Level Range: 51-51

Builder: Kreathyr


Walking route from Eragora default recall: 2s, d, 2s, e, 3s, e, s.

Portaling point(s) suggested: Akrikto.



The area consists of two distinct parts - the upper layer with the three-room house and a large field (5x4) to the west, and the lower part with the network of caves (about 5x3 + a 6-room addition). Navigating both is mostly trivial.

To get to the lower levels, you need to push the table. It will slam shut behind you. The area beneath the table has aggie mobs which can hit very hard compared to their cow neighbors above.

Entire area is uncursed so feel free to recall anytime.


The area's upper layer is an Eragoran response to Tortuga Cay (except for the fleeing). The cows are big, juicy, non-aggie and flee with great regularity, making it necessary to chase them a lot (or trip, panic, etc). This makes them a bit tricky (or simply tedious). Two s3 disintegrates will kill them for over 200xp per cow. The bulls are a bit more HP-heavy but hit just as weak, and three s3 disintegrates will kill them for over 300xp each.

There is an invis poacher in the farm, which carries the Catoblepas Leather Pouch.

Only the tree may prove to be an issue to smaller casters.

As for the lower areas, they are a bit more dangerous due to multiple aggie mobs (that also hit harder) per room. So duo these if you lack the HPs to solo.

Area is not really big enough to sustain a prolonged run with a brute-oriented group; however, neither is it so demanding as to require one.

You might want to beware of corpse eaters, at least one of the Heifers eats mob corpses, but the centipedes and other nasty creatures in the cave systems eat player corpses.

Unlike some other Eragoran areas, this area will not auto-CR you. Due to no rooms being cursed, mercy and gurney will work just fine.


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