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'''[[:Category: Rooms |Room(s)]]:''' wanders.<br>
'''[[:Category: Rooms |Room(s)]]:''' wanders.<br>
The Ancient Gold Dragon is portable.<br>
No longer portable <br>
== Gear ==
== Gear ==

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This dragon's head is taller than you. He is annoyed at your disturbance, but realizing that you're no danger to him, he ignores you. He waves to one of his attendants to escort you away.

Keywords: Gold, Dragon.
Level: 37.
Alignment: heroic.
Flags: multi-breather.
Affects: detect invis, infravision, protection evil, sanctuary.


Area: Hospice Refugee Camp (Map).
Room(s): wanders.

No longer portable


The Ancient Gold Dragon is using:
<worn on finger>    an Ofcol signet ring
<worn on arms>      golden dragonscale sleeves
<worn on body>      a golden dragonscale torso
<held in offhand>   a golden dragonscale shield
<worn about waist>  a golden dragonscale girth
<wielded>           the Golden Claw
<held>              gold Dragon Orb
The Ancient Gold Dragon is carrying:


Used to living in the Ofcol golden citadel, nowadays he roams the borders of the Hospice Refugee Camp, unhappy with the destruction of the said citadel. He is not aggie and carries the excellent Orb.