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(Posting event details for AVATAR's Anniversary!)
(Another HoG! :-D)
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* 21st of August [04:00/16:00]
* 21st of August [04:00/16:00]
* 23rd of August [19:00]
* 23rd of August [19:00]
* 1st of September [03:00]
===Daily Trivia Quest===
===Daily Trivia Quest===

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We are planning events throughout the month of August to celebrate the 19th anniversary of AVATAR MUD! HoGs, mini-quests, Imm quest events (e.g Push Your Luck), some surprise events, quizzes and more besides!

The list below contains events for which we have a fixed date. There are more events than this, but due to work and other real-world complications, they will either be announced nearer the time, or sprung upon you by surprise. :D

Big Quests

  • 16th of August - What is it? Turn up and find out!

Scheduled "Hand of God" Events

  • 2nd of August [07:00]
  • 4th of August [04:00/16:00]
  • 8th of August [00:00-01:00] Lowmort + Hero. (Regular style)
  • 8th of August [12:00-13:00] Hero+Lord (Including mage/cleric bonus, with Support/CRs)
  • 8th of August [18:00-19:00] Lowmort+Hero+Lord (Possibly with mage/cleric bonus)
  • 12th of August [04:00/16:00]
  • 21st of August [04:00/16:00]
  • 23rd of August [19:00]
  • 1st of September [03:00]

Daily Trivia Quest

  • 1st of August -> 15th of August (Approximate, and possibly not including the 8th)

One-Off Trivia Quests

  • 11th of August [11:00] - "Avatar MUD in the broadest sense"
  • 18th of August [03:00] - "Midgaard City"
  • 23rd of August [23:00] - "Stuff Kariya likes"