Anniversary (2014)

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We are planning events throughout the month of August to celebrate the 19th anniversary of AVATAR MUD! HoGs, mini-quests, Imm quest events (e.g Push Your Luck), some surprise events, quizzes and more besides!

The list below contains events for which we have a fixed date. There are more events than this, but due to work and other real-world complications, they will either be announced nearer the time, or sprung upon you by surprise. :D

Big Quests

  • 16th of August - The Sundered Race
Few remember the fearsome power of the mindflayer empire
before it fell to the slave revolt led by the Giths
but some things which have been forgotten are not
truly gone.

Lord Quest + new temp area. 16 August 2014.
Death, fun, loot.

Scheduled "Hand of God" Events

  • 2nd of August [07:00-08:00, Zahri] Lowmort+Hero+Lord (Regular style, no imm sends)
  • 4th of August [04:00/16:00]
  • 8th of August [00:00-01:00, Kariya] Lowmort+Hero. (Regular style)
  • 8th of August [12:00-13:00, Kariya] Hero+Lord (Regular style, including spell/heal bonus, with Support/CRs)
  • 8th of August [18:00-19:00, Kariya] Lowmort+Hero+Lord (Regular style, possibly with spell/heal bonus)
  • 12th of August [04:00/16:00]
  • 21st of August [04:00/16:00]
  • 23rd of August [06:00-07:00, Zahri] Lowmort (Regular style)
  • 24th of August [18:00-19:00, Zahri] Lowmort+Hero+Lord (spellcasting bonus only, no imm sends)
  • 1st of September [14:00-15:00, Zahri] Lowmort+Hero+Lord (Regular style, no imm sends)

Midgaard Discount Days

"Celebrate old Midgaard during its final days! Going out of business sale!" From Sunday August 10th through Saturday, August 16th, the shopkeepers in Midgaard will sell their items for cheaper and buy your items for more gold. (This begins after a reboot at some point during the day, so wait for the board 7 note.) - Zahri

Daily Trivia Quest

  • 1st of August -> 15th of August (Approximate, and possibly not including the 8th)

One-Off Trivia Quests

  • 10th of August [12:00] - "Avatar MUD in the broadest sense"
  • 17th of August [14:00] - "Midgaard City" (Zahri)
  • 23rd of August [10:00] - "Stuff Kariya likes"