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  [[Sublevel |Sub]]: List of [[:Category: Skills And Spells |Skills & Spells]] Available to [[Practice |Practice]] at This [[Sublevel |Sublevel]]...
  [[Sublevel |Sub]]: List of [[:Category: Skills And Spells |Skills & Spells]] Available to [[Practice |Practice]] at This [[Sublevel |Sublevel]]...
   1: [[Body Brace |body brace]]        [[Butcher |butcher]]            [[Kick |kick]]              [[Open Hand |open hand]]         [[Pick Lock |pick lock]]*
   1: [[Appoint |appoint]]            [[Body Brace |body brace]]        [[Butcher |butcher]]            [[Kick |kick]]              [[Open Hand |open hand]]
      [[Rescue |rescue]]            [[Sneak |sneak]]              [[Steal |steal]]*            [[Share Strength |share strength]]
      [[Pick Lock |pick lock]]*         [[Rescue |rescue]]            [[Sneak |sneak]]              [[Steal |steal]]*            [[Share Strength |share strength]]
   5: [[Dodge |dodge]]              [[Heighten Senses |heighten senses]]    [[Parry |parry]]*            [[Second Attack |second attack]]*    [[Shadow Form |shadow form]]*
   5: [[Dodge |dodge]]              [[Heighten Senses |heighten senses]]    [[Parry |parry]]*            [[Second Attack |second attack]]*    [[Shadow Form |shadow form]]*

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Skills & Spells Quick-Links Table
Skills & Spells arc asn bzk bci bld bod cle dru fus mag mnd mon pal prs psi ran rog shf sor stm war wzd
Lowmort: X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X
Hero: X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X
Lord: X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X

Cleric Hero Skills & Spells Chart

Sub: List of Skills & Spells Available to Practice at This Sublevel...
  1: appoint            body brace         butcher            kick               open hand
     pick lock*         rescue             sneak              steal*             share strength
  5: dodge              heighten senses    parry*             second attack*     shadow form*
  7: endurance          fence*             forage*            magic missile*
  9: anticipate         armor lore*        sneak attack*      weapon lore
 11: chill touch*       hide               psychic drain*
 13: biofeedback        chameleon power*   giant strength     nightvision        shield block*
 15: concentrate        peek
 17: bash*              levitation
 19: adrenaline pump    bashdoor*          dart*              disarm*            dual*
     enhanced damage*   track*             trip
 21: enhanced strength  scry
 23: mental barrier     shocking grasp*
 25: displacement       energy drain*      shield
 27: burning hands*     cell adjustment*   charm person*      psisting*          sleep
 29: dark embrace*      regeneration
 31: energy shield
 33: deception*         stone skin
 35: acumen             aura sight         blast bolt*        fireball*
 37: danger scan        web
 39: ego whip*          medicine*          teleport           third attack*
 43: mindlash*
 45: toss*
 47: lightning bolt
 49: move hidden
 51: detonate*          mask*
 53: domination*
 57: awe
 59: acid blast         brainstorm*        iron monk*
 63: aura focus         chain lightning    enhanced vitality
 67: calcify flesh      torch*
 69: fortitudes         lead pack
 71: icestrike
 73: ectoplasmic form*
 75: cyclone            psionic blast*
 79: foci               sandstorm
 83: magma blast*       weapon rush*
 87: firestorm*
 89: ice lance          iron skin
 91: desiccate*         ultrablast*
 99: lead posse
101: consecrate*        create food        create spring      create water       fast healing ii
     funeral lore*      improved stamina   lead flock         magic recovery     mass divinity
     meditation ii      nourish            saving grace*      tutor other
250: purity*
500: anoint             touch of grace*
   * Hero skills & spells that Clerics may learn but Druids may not.

See also Cleric Lowmort Skills & Spells, Druid Hero Skills & Spells.

Cleric Hero Skills & Spells of Note

  • Character-Healing: none.
  • Mob-Damaging (Singe-Target): bash (17).
  • Mob-Damaging (Area-Effect): none.

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