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   5: [[Armor (spell) |armor]]              [[Read Magic |read magic]]        [[Spell Recovery |spell recovery]]     
   5: [[Armor (spell) |armor]]              [[Read Magic |read magic]]        [[Spell Recovery |spell recovery]]     
   6: [[Chill Touch |chill touch]]        [[Infravision |infravision]]        [[Locate Object |locate object]]
   6: [[Chill Touch |chill touch]]        [[Infravision |infravision]]        [[Locate Object |locate object]]
   7: [[Arcane Knowledge |arcane knowledge]]  [[Fly |fly]]                [[Giant Strength |giant strength]]    [[Weaken |weaken]]
   7: [[Arcane Knowledge |arcane knowledge]]  [[Container Lore |container lore]]    [[Fly |fly]]                [[Giant Strength |giant strength]]    [[Weaken |weaken]]
   8: [[Blindness |blindness]]          [[Invis |invis]]
   8: [[Blindness |blindness]]          [[Invis |invis]]

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Skills & Spells Quick-Links Table
Skills & Spells arc asn bzk bci bld bod cle dru fus mag mnd mon pal prs psi ran rog shf sor stm war wzd
Lowmort: X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X
Hero: X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X
Lord: X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X

Mage Lowmort Skills & Spells Chart

Lvl: List of Skills & Spells Available to Practice at This Level...
  1: haggle             meditation
  2: lore
  3: magic light        magic lore
  4: detect magic       magic missile
  5: armor              read magic         spell recovery    
  6: chill touch        infravision        locate object
  7: arcane knowledge   container lore     fly                giant strength     weaken
  8: blindness          invis
 10: embalm             faerie fire        faerie fog         identify           prayer
 11: detect hidden      scry
 12: curse              detect invis       shocking grasp
 13: energy drain       shield
 14: burning hands      charm person       sleep
 15: mass invis
 16: gem lore
 17: stone skin
 18: fireball           pass door
 19: web
 20: teleport
 24: enchant armor      enchant weapon     lightning bolt
 25: quicken            surge
 26: dispel magic
 27: enchant bow
 28: call lightning
 30: acid blast         portal
 31: manifest
 32: chain lightning
 34: control weather
 35: astral shield      seal
 36: icestrike
 37: demonic advice     recharge
 38: cyclone
 39: chaos channel
 40: foci               lead party         nexus
 42: magma blast
 44: firestorm
 46: desiccate
 50: demonstrate        disintegrate       gurney             mercy

See also Mage Hero Skills & Spells, Stormlord Lowmort Skills & Spells, Wizard Lowmort Skills & Spells.

Mage Lowmort Skills & Spells of Note

  • Self-Defensive (Automatic): none.
  • Mob-Damaging (Automatic): none.