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An alphabetical list of all AVATAR MUD pets.

You can buy pets in any pet shop. The number of pets you can own is limited, and varies between characters. This policy prevents wholesale abuse of pets. To buy a particular pet, you must be its level or higher.

When you buy a pet, it automatically follows and groups with you. To direct your pet's actions, use the ORDER command. Note that a pet will *not* follow you through a portal or nexus unless ordered.

You are responsible for the actions of your pets. Conversely, if you attack someone else's pet, you will be penalized as if you attacked the player. It is a good idea to refrain from attacking creatures labeled '(Charmed)'. To release a pet from service, use the FREE command.

You may name your pet as you buy it by typing "buy <pet> <petname>". No one will see a visible name change, but you can then order your pet by the name you choose. Do NOT name your pets after common healer mobs, such as Nom or Aelmon, as it causes portal/teleportation misdirections.

Syntax: buy <pet> <petname>.

See also Pet Shops.

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