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Shields by Level:

Levels 01-10:
Wooden Shield

Levels 11-20:
Buffalo Hide Buckler, Crude Shield Of Branches, Gaulan Shield, Great Shield, "Pride", Large Dwarven Shield, Large Obsidian Shield, Large Red Shield, Large Steel Shield, Raccoon Skin And Wood Shield, Scale Shield, Traveller's Shield

Levels 21-30:
Bone Shield, Brass Shield, Golden Dragonscale Shield, Shining Steel Shield, Silver Cavalry Shield, Spirit Shield, Willow Crest Shield

Levels 31-40:
Adamantite Shield, Black And Silver Shield, Black Shield Of Defense, Disintegrating Shield, Platinum Spiked Shield

Levels 41-50:
Round Spiked Shield, Ship's Wheel, Tower Shield, War Shield

Hero Level Shields

For Tanking: Shield Of Heroes: -50 AC, faint cursed resist, Shield Of The Tree: -50AC, +100 mana, insign. earth resist
For Soloing or Hitting: Leviathan Scale: -30AC, -10 save vs spell, +5 DR
For Boosting Saves: Turquoise Scale Shield: -45AC, -60 save vs spell, Firedrake Scale: -45AC, -20 save vs fire, +1 Con
For Boosting Resists: Impure Diamond Shield: -39AC, +65HP, insign. fire resist, Serpent Shield: -35AC, +3dex, insign. fire resist, insign. poison resist
Miscellaneous: Unscathed Shield: -15 save vs magic, Tower Shield: -20AC