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Keeping the area uncharted

I've decided to keep this area uncharted. There is a certain thrill in plunging into the unknown which I wish to preserve for those players who value exploration, and this is my primary motivation. I do have a number of others, though. For example, the difficulty in finding the rewards in the area is a large factor in justifying the rewards available.

If there is any information you think ought to be made public then do please email me at, or send me an in-game personal note. I would also value any feedback or suggestions you may have.

--Iktinos 13:08, 10 November 2012 (EST)

Lockers and Lords

The priestess in the river is still there, but she no longer sells sigils. However, the translucent magister in the tower of Arx Nivea will sell sigils to those that are brought to him by the area's magical defences. --Iktinos 22:02, 21 May 2014 (EDT)

Number: 210 Board: quest From: Iktinos To: all Date: Mon Apr 28 17:25:08 2014 Subject: News about Eragora

|               ERAGORA NEWS                 |
|                                            |
|>>>>> LOCKERS <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|                                            |
| It is now possible to access your lockers  |
| while on the continent of Arx Nivea. Please|
| visit the the Quaestorium.  As always, the |
| downstairs room is not subject to the curse|
| and may be entered safely at night.        |
|                                            |
|>>>>> LORDS <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|                                            |
| A priestess has moored her floating shrine |
| upon the Moonkiss River, which feeds into  |
| the River Etuan.  She has some of the old  |
| sigils given to authorised extra-planar    |
| visitors to Arx Nivea.  Lords possessing   |
| this sigil should have no trouble visiting |
| the temple for... enlightenment.           |
|                                            |
| For the Retro Team,                        |
|                      Iktinos.              |