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After losing a battle to Anthraxus, Typhus, weakened from the battle, fled to the plane of Midgaardia where he waits to be able to take on Anthraxus again.

Keywords: typhus, demon, lord.
Level: 85.
Scan Description: (Demonic) (Black Aura) A very large demon stands here.
Alignment: demonic.
Flags: steadfast, very agressive.
Affects: detect hidden, detect invis, infravision, sanctuary, protection good.


The demon lord Typhus is using:
  <worn on finger>    [Pristine  ] Black Ring Of Typhus
  <wielded>           [Pristine  ] War Hammer Of Might
  <held>              [Pristine  ] the Black Staff of Typhus

You peek at the inventory:


This is the grandfathered Demon Lord Typhus.


Area: Typhus (Map).
Room: Chamber of Typhus.

Walking route from Tysiln San: drink, 6e, d, n, w, n, w, [w], s, w