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Plumes of white hot flame jet from this giant's eyes and mouth!

Even fire giants, for all their glowing skin and fiery touch, don't blaze with the intensity that this one is. With her facial features replaced by spigots of pure flame, she seems possessed by something downright otherworldly.

 A fire maiden is using:
 <worn on body>      [Pristine  ] (Demonic) (Glowing) white hot cuirass

The version of this mob in Overlooking Midgaardia's Doom wears:

 A fire maiden is using:
 <worn on finger>    an iron ring
 <worn on body>      [Pristine  ] (Demonic) (Glowing) white hot cuirass

Keywords: giant, maiden, ???.
Level: ??.
Alignment: evil.
Flags: aggressive.
Affects: ???.


On death, Pool Of Fire Giant Blood spawns on the ground.


Several of these wander throughout the main forge area. They hit fairly hard. They can cast divinity and other clerical spells and will occasionally heal themselves for about 20% of their hp in a round.

Corpse does not skin to anything interesting.