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  Grogbert Thunderbeard is using:
  Grogbert Thunderbeard is using:
  <wielded>          [Pristine  ] (Magical) (Humming) [[Waterlogged Solid Iron Hammer|waterlogged solid iron hammer]]
  <wielded>          (Magical) (Humming) [[Waterlogged Solid Iron Hammer|waterlogged solid iron hammer]]
== Comments ==
== Comments ==

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The heavy stench of rotten flesh and mossy clothes have not stopped this dwarven undead from carrying on with his duties, nor have they shadowed his utter desperation and regret at having to sharpen bone and stone weaponry.

Keywords: Grogbert, Thunderbeard, dwarf.
Level: 95.
Alignment: good.
Flags: steadfast.
Affects: none


Grogbert Thunderbeard is using:
<wielded>           (Magical) (Humming) waterlogged solid iron hammer


Grogbert is a smith! Apparently, he has been one for a very long time.

Grogbert is involved in the Restoring Dwarfanity Quest.


Area: Sun God Altar (Map).
Room: 'Alfling Army Arm'ry and Arms (portable).

Grogbert Thunderbeard is portable if you are on Eragora. Otherwise, you'll have to get there first.