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'''[[Alignment |Alignment]]:''' demonic.<br>
'''[[Alignment |Alignment]]:''' demonic.<br>
'''[[:Category: Mob Types |Flags]]:''' ?<br>
'''[[:Category: Mob Types |Flags]]:''' ?<br>
'''Affects:''' Translucent, Flying, Hide, Sneak, Sanctuary.<br>
'''Affects:''' [[Translucent Flag |Translucent]], Flying, Hide, Sneak, Sanctuary.<br>
== Gear ==
== Gear ==

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Huge eyes stare into your own and beg for mercy.

Keywords: Kiah
Level: 110.
Scan Description: A naiad is here, staring fearfully at you.
Alignment: demonic.
Flags: ?
Affects: Translucent, Flying, Hide, Sneak, Sanctuary.


Kiah is using:
<worn on head>      an amethyst circlet


She casts comfort on herself, so a psi/mnd is handy to have in the group to scramble her. She isn't aggie and she doesn't regen, so if you need to, calm and regen. She'll comfort her self to full if you stay in battle and can't do much damage.