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I have been playing Avatar off and on since early 2003. I like to have goals in the game, and some that I have right now are to superhero Skywise, morph Tolus, hero a psionicist or mindbender, and remort Morgul sorceror.

Avatar Alts

Here is a list of my most commonly played alts (in the order they were created):

Tolus - Gnome Cleric (hero)
Talruum - Troll Warrior (remort hero)
Skywise - Drow Wizard (lord)
Morgul - Drow Mage (lord)
Simbelmyne - Orc Warrior (lord)
Torahn - Drow Archer (lord)
Hassan - Orc Archer (hero)


I like to help with information that may be more difficult to find.


To contact me, send a tell to one of my alts listed above, or you can send a personal note in-game to Morgul.