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Tinkerer, Player Relations, Promotions, Builder, Quest Support,
Documentation, Multi-Reg, et cetera.

  • <spoiler text='What can he do for you?'>

Qismat tries to be a jack-of-all-trades and does a bit of everything. He spends a lot of time on Avatar helping players, working on new additions, revamping older areas and fixing all manner of things here and there. If you are having trouble with items, areas or quests, he may also be able to assist you. </spoiler>

  • <spoiler text='Who is he? (Background Story)'>

Qismat is a very cheeky goblin wizard who likes nothing better than to tinker with the sort of ancient, dark magicks which much wiser wizards have grown old by avoiding completely.

Fortunately, he has thus far failed to lay his skinny, brown fingers upon the kind of tomes which bid the unwary to summon tentacular horrors, bring down the wrath of the gods, or vaporize the reader with a loud bang - though not for lack of trying!

As a wee goblin, he learnt as much as he could about magick from travelling magi and tribal shamans, and then sought out the hobgoblins of the Ascension Woods, certain that the unavoidable fate for which he was named would be found there!

He struggled to survive their tests and eventually earnt himself the much coveted Rite of Ascension, by which he might transcend his lowly, goblin nature. The hobgoblin masters placed him inside a fabulously bejewelled, hollowed-out rock called "Thunk!", lined with sparkling, precious gems and a fortune in bloodstones. He grinned manically, as he waited for the masters to gather, ready to gain a place among them!

As the ritual reached the final incantation, Time and the pure essences of Heaven, the moisture of Earth and even the powers of the sun and moon, all worked upon the rock. However, a terrible calamity befell the goblin, for the nature of Qismat was irrepressible!

He resisted the rite, causing the soulfire to twist like a cyclone, binding the ritual energies of Heaven and Earth within him. His ascension became an apotheoisis, and with a sudden flash he appeared among a gathering of immortals.

Alarmed, those gathered began summoning their paladins to slay the intruder, but thanks to the training he received at Grunka's war academy, he fled safely, leaping down, cloud to cloud, to the meadow, where for a while, a number of paladins wandered in search of the spry goblin (a large number of which found him and beat the snot out of him, but thanks to his new-found immortal nature, just failed to kill him, but let's not dwell on this as it detracts from this heroic tale!)

All this commotion brought him to the attention of Merringhand, the Elder God, who grudgingly agreed to see whether Qismat would actually be of use to the immortals and Midgaardia, and exalted him to join their ranks. </spoiler>

  • <spoiler text='How can I get in touch with him?'>

On the wiki - you can leave a note on my user talk page.

In game - feel free to send him a tell, pray, note, or beep. Don't be afraid to BEEP QISMAT a couple of times or use the pray channel (particularly if drowning or on negative hit points). He's interested to hear your thoughts about the game and how it may be improved and promoted.

Out of game - please send an email to: qismat (at)

You can find also him as Qismat AvatarImm on Facebook, where he often posts updates about his activities and ongoing projects. Messages and chat sent through Facebook are also welcome. </spoiler>

  • <spoiler text='Projects on Avatar Wiki'>

I am currently preparing a set of barnstars to award to contributors to this wiki. The barnstar project is currently here:



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