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Leadership points are part of a system designed to encourage Lords to lead Lord runs. Each time you are leading a group and a Lord member levels, you earn one leadership point. You can view how many you have by typing LEADERSHIP or ABILITIES.

All about Talents: You can learn new leadership talents and switch between mastered talents.

Some talents work only when leading a group and others work only when following others.
- All talents are passive.
- You are only allowed one active talent, though you can learn several.
- You have to enter the full talent name in order to learn or switch talents.
- You can only switch and learn on Thorngate.
- The cost of talents increases with each new talent you learn.
- Most talents require your followers to be in the same room as you.
- Talents require a minimum group size of 5 to work.

You can convert one leadership point to one practice point, to a maximum of 25 at one time.

You can also learn leadership skills, otherwise unavailable to Lords of your class for the cost of 100 leadership points per skill. To learn the next available leadership skill, type LEADERSHIP LEAD.

Syntax: leadership learn <talent name>
Syntax: leadership switch <talent name>
Syntax: leadership practice <amount>
Syntax: leadership lead
Syntax: leadership

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