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Lords are what heroes aspire to be. Once a hero has attained the hero-level of 300 or more, he can attempt to morph into a Lord. The being and becoming a Lord is shrouded in much mystery, but know that the level attained is much higher than that of hero. Lords will learn new knowledge and unlock new mysteries that only a Lord can. Lord mysteries are now open for discussion and most lord help files can be accessed by heroes.

Levels: 125(001) - 125(999)

LordWiki Navigation
Lord Gear Stuff we use to feel more lordly.
Lord Tank Gear Lord Hit Gear Lord Mana Gear
Lord Second Tier Tank Gear Lord Second Tier Hit Gear Lord Second Tier Mana Gear
Lord Third Tier Tank Gear Shard Area Gear
Lord Archer Gear Lord HP Gear Lord Save Vs Spell Gear
Lord KDR Gear Lord Utility Gear Lord Manifest Gear
Lord Planes The various planes of existence that we terrorize.
Airscape Arcadia Astral
Firerealm Karnath Kzinti Homeworld
Midgaardia Noctopia Nowhere
Outland Tarterus Thorngate
Water World Of Stone Horavacui
Lord Areas Too many to list here.
To do Sections that still need work.
Areas That Need Descriptions Gear Runs That Need Descriptions Shard & Quest Areas
Randomness misc. stuff that belongs on the front page
Lord Council (defunct) Scripting List Of Gear Runs
Vault Treasure Hunt Lord Questpoint (QP) Runes Allegaagse
Transmogrify Vault Thief's Bane

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