Wayside Kobold Slayer Quest

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From 'help Wayside Kobold Slayer':

If you have ever visited the northern edge of Wayside, you might find yourself standing outside of a lovely white house with a well-manicured yard in front of it.

...and a string of expletives flowing from it.

Owen the Orchard Owner lives there, and he hates the apple-stealing kobolds. Why don't you go visit him and ask him if he still needs help getting rid of that unruly problem?

NOTE: This quest is written for players who are levels 3-7, but can be completed throughout lowmort game.

<spoiler>Simply wander the town of Wayside and kill 15 kobolds. Return to Owen once done.</spoiler> The reward for helping Owen is the Wayside Kobold Slayer Insignia, a useful addition for any character of the right level.