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The Mudschool is designed for the TRUE newbie. It is a gentle, self-paced instructional unit that provides information in little chunks, and immediate practice of each new command. It is NOT a complete explanation of every single topic of interest. That information will be in the Tree of Knowledge.

At the creation of a new character the player will be asked: "Are you an experienced MUDder?"

If you say "yes" you will be automatically boosted and promoted to Level 2, and deposited in the Tree. (The same location as always.) You may then proceed to train and get newbie eq as usual. If, for any reason, you do NOT wish to be promoted to level 2, simply type "n" and you will be deposited in Mudschool and you can <recall> out to Nom and begin as you prefer.

If you say "no" you will begin in Avatar's Mudschool. The instruction unfolds room by room, and IMMs and Angels helping new players might station themselves in the first few rooms. Mudschool 3 is particularly useful as it gives instructions on the 'say' command, so a new player is more likely to be able to talk to you.

Players from Level 1 to Level 5 are welcome to walk through the school and/or help a friend get started. Players over Level 5 are not allowed to enter Mudschool. Please do not use the mobs in Mudschool to equip your alts. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should players of any level bother, follow, or tell to Level 1 players. They do not have the ability to reply or tell at that level and it is very confusing to have someone say, "Hi, welcome to Avatar!" when you cannot see or reply to them. It is TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE to offer to group with or bring equipment to these Level 1 newbies. They need to complete the journey through Mudschool if at all possible. At completion of the Mudschool curriculum these players will request promotion to level 2, and recall to Nom.

One CANNOT walk to Mudschool... it is much like the Sanctum and the Arena in that one types <mudschool> to get in and <recall> to get out. There is no connection to any room in Avatar.

Level Range: 1-1

Builder: Darii


Up until level 5 you can simply type 'mudschool'. Otherwise, the area is not accessible.


Mudschool connects with no other areas.


This area is linear, and following the path will instruct new players how to play.


This is the newbie area. Head here if you are new to mudding or to Avatar in general. It'll teach you all about how to play and even set you up with some early gear.


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