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Zin's room is safe and lloydable. Don't set anchor there, though (planeshift into this shard subarea doesn't work).

First go east from Zin. Kill air things, loot gust of wind (invis ticket) from gale force wind at the end of the tunnel, give to Zin. There is doom toxin in the air area.

You can now "push winds" to open fire to south.

Go south and east (3x3 grid) to the southeast corner. Go up and kill Raging fire in the chimney upstairs. Get the eternal flames (ticket) from corpse and the heart of pulsing blue flames from floor. Give flames to Zin.

You can now "pull heart" to open water stuff to the west.

Go west and wander in a maze until you find Livyathan, carrying a spray of water. This is a maze; find your way back or, if you set anchor, pp hero mage, home, plane anchor. Give spray to Zin.

You can now "pull spray" to open earth stuff to the north.

Kill all the earth mobs in a 3x4 grid. When the last one is dead, get a Spirit Stone from the ground (20lb ticket).

Give the stone to Zin and he drops a Spirit Gateway. Enter gateway for gear room.

Five mobs in gear room (Einheiri's guard, Elben with gossamer leggings, Einheri with spectral vambrace, Disir with ghostly disk, Fylgja). Elben animates corpses. Veil 8 doesn't do squat.

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