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On the island of Eragora is a section of quarries and mines in which halflings slave their days away under the supervision of the superior race, the half-orcs. The mines are expansive and can likely be found through several ways, and the mines are up against the mountains to the east.

Level Range: 51-51

Builder: Moiraine


Walking route from Eragora default recall:

Twin walking routes exist - one is to walk to Sun God Altar, move 1e to Halfling's Paradise, and then go e, n, w, 5n towards the first entrance, or alternatively, run the length of the Paradise's underground layer towards the lower entrance.

Portaling point(s) suggested: none (all cursed).

Closest (discovered) is clam girl in the Paradise, from her go n, w, 5n towards the Quarries.



Area consists of two major parts - the quarries to the east and the mines to the west/north. Quarries are a large semi-circlish area in two layers, the lower layer being the quarries internal principal connector, under which the local cloud can be found.

The mines are two semi-linear passages, one towards the Halfling's Paradise's lower area, and the other towards the Mountain Tunnels. You can't return from the Mountain Tunnels, but it shouldn't matter if you entered through this connection.

Entire area is cursed so no recalling or teleportation is possible.


The area is loaded with tons of hard hitting, swarmy, aggie mobs, and some even gas. All see hidden and invisible, but not all are necessarily aggie (just a vast majority).

Thus, the area is not really soloable.

Both parts of the area (the Quarries and the Mines) can be ran with a good sized group for xp, but perhaps the best way to run it (due to high agginess) is in a group of very large brutes. Trouble is the gassy part which will make smaller groupies choke and die very soon.

The only parts of the area that allow some rest and regenning are the local cloud (have to die to get in), which is not anti-magic and is safe (but not infirmary), and the introductory rooms north of the Checkpoint entrance (though a wandering aggie mob may ... wander to here as well).

The area will do your CR for you, which helps greatly since the quarries (around the local cloud) seem to be the best part to get xp here.

As for gear, there is none noticeable save for the archer wristpiece on the High Overseer, which may as well be the primary reason for running this area. He can be found at the far south-eastern corner of the Quarries, level 1.


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