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"Skin items" are special objects obtained from certain mobs, not by taking their equipment or inventory but rather by skinning their corpses. To do this, characters must practice Skin Corpse, wield a Bowie knife, use the skin command, and have an empty corpse of the appropriate mob either in their inventory or on the ground in their room.

Determining which mobs' corpses will yield special "skin items" beforehand is impossible. Most mob corpses, like all character corpses, when skinned, will yield either generic skin bags (usually) or other "junk" items like coats or belts (rarely), all named after whatever they were made from, or perhaps nothing but a "bloody mess," depending on luck. Only a few select mobs will yield special items, instead, like those listed below.

Note that, at present, only archers and fusiliers may practice Skin Corpse to produce these items.