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"Ticket Quests" are quests that are written into areas, do not require any staff or other players to set up, and reset themseves along with the rest of the area. With very few exceptions, they are all endlessly repeatable. Ticket quests are flexible, but the typical flow of a quest is: find a ticket, use clues from the ticket's description, the location, or the mob you looted it from to determine which mob accepts it, then give it to that mob in exchange for a reward. Another variation of a ticket quest would be one in which you know which mob wants a ticket, but not where to find it or even what it is. Note that a ticket is always destined for a specific mob, and no other mob will ever accept it.

Years ago, the standard way to complete a quest was through ticket mechanics; that is, exchanging a valueless item for an item you can use. Now that mobs are more scriptable, quests can take many forms that don't involve tickets at all, though many still do. This can make it harder to determine whether or not you're in posession of a quest-related item, but in many of these quests mobiles will explicitely say what they want you to do or get.


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