Deep-Sea Diver Quest

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This quest is given by Ginormous Dingersen to all 101+ heroes (only one member of the group needs to be 101+). All parts of the quest can be technically done by lowheroes, but the insignia rewards will not be forthcoming unless the initiating player is a 101+ hero.

The quest is group-based, so only the initiator needs to turn in the final ticket for the reward, and all groupmates will be able to pick an insignia they desire.

The insignia will grant +3% melee power or +3% spell power, depending on personal choice. It will last as long as the player is hero.


  • Gather a solid party. 2 tanks, 2 big area casters, a healer and a skinner are suggested. Really need a group of 10+ (depending on hero level) to be successful.
  • Once on Eragora proper, teleport to Ginormous Dingersen and trigger his speech. Have the 101+ player tell Gino "help me".
  • Go w, follow Mayflower, be transported to an air room above the water (main) portion of the area. Sneak and move hidden are suggested.
  • Go 2d, w, open d.

The following portions will take the group through the ship. Ship is highly aggie, with a lot of wandering undead sailors (can be 5+ in a room) which wield narrow blades. Also, mobs here will spawn NEW versions of themselves upon death, fortunately those will not have wields. All see through hidden/invisible. Entire ship is also no-regen, so no point in sleeping.

  • d, n, e
  • Kill Apprentice-Wizard Arakos for the key to Captain Drago's door. Arakos will flash upon entry and will use mnd abilities.
  • w, 3s, unl w, open w, w
  • Kill Captain Drago. The key he has is related to Sunken Treasure Quest. A mirror will open upon Drogo's death, have the group enter it, tanks first.
  • Mirror world is anti-magic. Kill the Hungry Firedrake for the key to Quairos' room, and remember to skin it once looted for the rucksack. Enter mirror again to go back to Drago's room once done.
  • Go e, 3n, unl w, open w, w

This room has 6+ mobs (depending on how much survived last attempt to run it, can be over 13 in there sometimes). They all need to die for Quairos to spawn.

  • Clear the room, Quairos will pop, murder him. Loot the captain's log (essential) from his body.

Portal to Ginormous, and have the same player that initiated the quest give him the log. He will thank you, and every member will be free to choose the appropriate Deep-Sea Diver Insignia.

Note: In order for all players to get the insignia, they should not die. Every player needs to be present when each of the 4 key mobs die: Arakos, Drago, Firedrake and Quairos. If a player dies in the battle against any of these mobs, the leader should wait for a repop and re-do that particular mob.

Each player who contacts Ginormous after the quest should be visible (he may ignore you altogether if you are invisible). It SEEMS to be possible to re-kill one of the key mobiles after the captain's log has been passed in while the group is still together.