Killing Gloves

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Insignificantly increases resistance to divine damage continuous
Modifies damage roll by 5 continuous.
Modifies hit roll by 5 continuous.
It improves chances of archery critical hits.

Keywords: killing gloves black
Bases: 8-11
Levels: 43-46
Weight: 3
Flags: Evil, Invis, Magic
Area: Zin's Hall of Oddities (Map)
Mob: Faralia

Find DeSant in Zin's Hall of Oddities and kill him for key.

Then, continue going east killing Guy Of Gisbourne, 'Armless 'Arry and Ironhomme (in that order). They all carry keys you need to progress. At the end kill Faralia who is hidden and invis. Beware! Faralia stabs.

Note: an easy way to make this item visible is to enchant it until it fades (usually on the fifth enchant). This is one of those "easy to enchant" items, so it will rarely vape or explode when too many enchants are placed on it. Also, you'll still be able to fully re-enchant the gloves and keep them wearable by heroes.