Legitimate Businessman

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A short fellow behind a counter keeps watch over his empty storefront.

The shopkeeper stops whatever he was in the middle of before you stepped foot in his store. He silently watches your every move for a while, then finally says, "There's nothing for you to see here. Now scram!" Turning his attention to his companion he mutters, "You know if I were paid for every dimwit to lollygag in my store, I'd be in a much better mood. Do you see what I have to put up with?"


The legitimate businessman is using:
The legitimate businessman is carrying:                                    [Lv Price]
     a burlap sack                                                         [ 0    15]
     a large wooden crate                                                  [ 0    13]


Area: Midgaard.
Room: A bare storefront (portable).

The legitimate businessman is portable.