Nubuc Hide

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The nubuc leather has been brushed until it is as soft as velvet while maintaining enough durability to keep its original shape. This unique wall hanging could be enjoyed both physically and visually by someone who enjoys the suffering of thieves.

No modifiers.

Keyword(s): nubuc, fae, hide.
Level(s): 125.
Type: Furniture.
Slot(s): N/A.
Quality: 100 hps.
Weight: 10 lbs.
Flag(s): hum.


This is a skin item, made from the corpse of Zlatan.

Item can be exchanged for a fizora (Bo'Vul is 3n from Thorngate center):

You give a soft nubuc hide to Bo'Vul.
Bo'Vul exclaims 'Aah, it is so soft!'
Bo'Vul says 'I can count my money comfortably resting on this.'
Bo'Vul puts the hide on his chair.
Bo'Vul says 'The beauty of this is you are going to end up giving this back to me.'

Bo'Vul gives you a glowing fizora gemstone.
    • Bo'Vul sometimes gives pgems instead of money gems for hides.


Area: Bo'Vul's Vault.
Mob(s): Zlatan.