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All Soulfires are lights.

The red Soulfire is -10/10 hr/dr and its sentient creature does not repop.

The white Soulfire is: -90ac -180svs plus detects.
Identify reveals:
Object 'soul soulfire core energy' type light, extra flags major-ward.
Weight 1, value 9600, level 124.
Object Quality (80 / 80 hps)
It has an unknown duration.
Modifies armor class by -90 continuous
Modifies save vs spell by -180 continuous
'detect invis ' continuous
'detect hidden ' continuous

The cyan Soulfire is +25hp/+150-mana plus detect invis/hidden.

The pink Soulfire (at entrance) is +3 int/wis plus detect invis/hidden/passdoor.

The blue Soulfire is 13 hr plus detect invis/hidden.