The Will o' the Wisp

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Objects of Power
Keep the Righteous Orb of the Sage the Blade of Victory the Dagger of the Three Fates
Bastion the Shatterer of Hopes the Tree of Life the Terminus of Tranquility
Fortress the Sword of Battle the Eye of the Storm the Will o' the Wisp
Citadel the Ribbon of Valor the Skewer of Sublime Supremecy the Scales of Destiny
Tower the Monolith the Resplendent Light of the Ancients the Infinity Cube

"...a mote of light that they can see, but never possess."

(Humming) A tiny point of light twinkles inches above a simple pedestal.
A tiny mote of twinkling light, the Will o' the Wisp drifts
aimlessly about. No grip can hold it. No spell can contain it.
Many foolish mortals have been lead to their doom chasing
this mischievous phantom.

Commune Bonus: odd hours - AC -200, even hours - +30 hr/dr

Aspect: Freedom