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You've done it. You've picked yourself a god or goddess and felt you were on top of the world. Until you found out that you were in a sadistic cult of pygmie pixie haters and found yourself trapped! Don't worry... you can now unworship for a painful price.

This may be a good spot for a table indicating practices required to unworship at various levels or something.

-Somewhere between 4 hero and 10 hero, the cost goes from 149 pracs to 200 pracs. I am not sure exactly what level. If anyone knows more details, please post.

The practice cost for unworship goes up each time you do it. Unworshipping between levels 10 and 19 does not increase the cost for unworshipping after level 20. In the past remorting didn't reset your unworship history; I'm not sure if this is still the case.